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I'm the "The Bug Man" Jerry Bumgarner. I would be honored to assist you with your needs whether it be a Pest Inspection, Consulting on limiting pests, spraying  the perimeter of your home or other services you may need. Fair, reasonable priced products and services is what you can expect from the " The Bug Man ". 

Pest  Inspections
Pest Inspections and Treatments

WDI Pest Inspections: A Pest inspection is not included in a general home inspection because Iowa requires a special license and training for this type of inspection. Wood destroying insects can be hard to detect but can cause a lot of damage. If they are found early, they can be very easy to control. This inspection includes subterranean termites which are the most common wood destroying insect found in Iowa. Call me to schedule yours today.

Consulting and Spraying

Household Insects and Pests can be more than a nuisance-they can be a threat to your property and potentially your health. That's why pest control is so important for your home.  Find out how pest control from The Bug Man can help solve your pest and insect problems now-and in the future. Take the advantage over bugs. Pest control from The Bug Man can help you with not only the treatment of pests and insects - but also help prevent unwanted pest and insects presence later. The Bug Man can also help you get rid of your wasp problem.

Eco Friendly Solutions

Natural, green or organic pest control is rapidly becoming services customers are demanding, as well as the use of natural products as part of the pest management toolbox. The term "green" has become a trendy catchword, and is used with respect to pest control and pest control chemicals and equipment.

Many individuals and groups advocate the use of “natural” pesticides, and insinuate that since they are found in nature, and are not synthetically produced, they are therefore safer to use. While many natural products, such as inorganic minerals (boric acid, limestone, diatomaceous earth) or botanicals (pyrethrum, limonene, and many others) may be of a low order of toxicity, this cannot be assumed as a generality for their groups. For example, strychnine and nicotine are both plant-derived, and yet are highly toxic.

We can use both synthetic and natural kinds of pesticides —applied safely for pets and kids..

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