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Misting Systems

The Bug Man's Ecolo products are carefully crafted for dependability– not over-engineered. All the features should finish the job; no added bells and whistles to malfunction and shut the system down. The Bug Man's Ecolo Mosquito Misting system is the most hassle-free and efficient technique for controlling mosquitoes and other flying and attacking bugs in your backyard.


Our Systems work the initial day, immediately, operating basically upkeep cost-free. Envision never once more having to spray your kids with unpleasant repellents or remembering to fog your lawn prior to an outside occasion! The Bug Man's Ecolo devices spray a fine mist with nozzles that are installed around the perimeter of your home. The mist swiftly eliminates or wards off any kind of unwanted insect that is within range. Our items are great for managing wasps, flies,fleas, gnats, ticks, spiders, no see-ums and, certainly, mosquitoes.


Set to mist automatically at your time perferences. Normally our devices are set to mist at daybreak, evening and sunset hours at the time mosquitoes are most energetic. Other much more advantageous insects, such as butterflies and bees are energetic in the day when our system is not triggered.

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Our Two Systems

The AMT misting tankless system is one of the industry's most reliable direct-injection system. Its superior design and quality components allow the AMT system to outperform and outlast other injection style and drum mount systems.

For enhanced accuracy, the AMT system uses a precise direct-injection technology to automatically mix solution. This means that chemical concentrations remain consistent and well mixed each time the system is activated.

The AMT features an advanced digital controller which has programming and diagnostics for enhanced functionality, precise application, and variable run times. All of this makes the system highly reliable.






The AMS Tank System Kit has been designed and manufactured to provide the industry's most reliable misting system with industry-leading functionality. This kit contains all essential items nessary to install a 25 nozzle mosquito system.

• Tank or Wall Mount
• System Designed To Accept Multiple Chemical Solutions
• Weather & Corrosion Resistant
• 1/3 HP
• Integrated Controller Design - Pump & Programmable Controller In One Clean Polished Unit

Kit contents: 1/3 HP AMS Tank System, one 500 ft. Roll of Nylon Tubing, one 55 Gallon Tank, 100 piece Tubing Clamps, three Tee Union 1/4" Push Fittings, three dead end metal plugs, 25 Tee Raised Union 1/4" Push Fittings, 25 Slimline Micro Mist Nozzles, and one 3 button remote transmitter.


The system automatically releases a 35 second fine mist spray three times daily (6 am, 6 pm, and 8 pm) when the mosquitoes are most active. The goal is to on a daily basis eliminate the mosquitoes coming over from neighboring properties/ponds etc. This is done by creating a barrier around the house through the strategic placement of nozzles.

The nozzles are placed on 1/4 inch tubing that is ran throughout the property, hidden from plain sight. With three different tubing color options, the tubing will blend right in to your fence, eaves, or shrubs. They are spread out every 10-12 ft. The system will include a remote control allowing you to opt for additional 35 second sprays to suit your needs.

Permethrin is what we spray. Permethrin is a broad spectrum, non-systemic, synthetic insecticide. Permethrin is registered by the EPA as an insecticide for use in a variety of settings. It is effective in truly eliminating flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and spiders. It’s so diluted that it will not affect humans or animals, but strong enough to eliminate mosquitoes, flies, spiders etc.

Health & Safety

  • Natural or Synthetic

  • Permethrin

  • Pyrethrum

  • Whether you prefer natural or synthetic chemistries, we provide the correct choice to control flying and biting insects.


Enjoy the Outdoors Again!

Get rid of mosquitoes quickly and easily.

After all, enjoying your backyard shouldn't be a luxury!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed


The Bug Man provides his customers with a 90 day money back guarantee. This is one good reason to choose The Bug Man Mosquito Misting Systems as your Misting Service Provider. Ask for details.

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